Quick Start Introduction

You need a great new senior executive position. Through some sort of a referral–someone told you about what I have done for other senior executives like you, you found me on the Internet, you read something about job hunting strategy I have written, or you heard me speak to your group somewhere–you made it to my website. Welcome–This is going to be like finding the ice water oasis while you\’ve been stumbling around lost in the desert, dying of thirst.

Please drink deep. You\’re going to need the water, because you are in the competitive struggle of your life. How you go about finding a new job this time may very well affect your earning power for the rest of your business life and career. I can\’t save or help everyone, but I might be able to help you. The strategy I teach is very different from the toxic, polluted water others have been forcing on you.

Here’s the quick-start intro. Listen to the audio version of our basic strategy seminar (click the link to launch in a new window):

Part I

Part II

Part III

Kenneth J. Cole Mini-BIOGRAPHY

Ken Cole is a nationally recognized expert in executive search, senior executive job hunting strategy and freelance executive search research. He has been a retainer search consultant since 1979. Cole earned his MBA from The University of Chicago’s Executive Program(50th Group – 1983).

His published works include The Headhunter Strategy, The Executive Search Research Directory and The Euro Directory – Executive Search & Selection Firms in Europe. As a speaker and senior executive job hunting coach/strategist, he has assisted thousands of executives in finding new positions through resources published, seminars taught, and individual job campaigns. Several senior executive networking groups have named him the #1 senior executive job hunting coach in the U.S.A.

Cole is the founder, first president and the only honorary life member of NAER/The National Association of Executive Recruiters and is the recognized national authority on retainer-based freelance executive search research. Cole is a Viet Nam veteran (Major and US Army helicopter pilot, aircraft commander, and instructor pilot) with 987 combat flight hours and holds the Master Army Aviator rating, the Army’s highest aeronautical designation.

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