How the Evangelist Feels

How the Evangelist Feels

Is anybody listening? The evangelist looks out at the congregation. What does he see? Daydreaming people, sleeping people, some guys are watching the ladies in the choir, …and a few people are nodding in agreement with his sermon. Too few.

I feel like that sometimes. I’m not in the business of saving souls, but my business is pretty important–saving you money and maybe even saving your career. Please pay attention. Close attention. I will make this well worth your time investment. Take a quick look at the logo of our site–There are four puzzle pieces.

Here’s the essence of what I teach–

There are four marketing channels available to you in your job campaign. If you listen to the polluted advice all around you, you’ll use only two of the four channels:

1. Networking
2. Third-parties (search consultants, private equity firms, search researchers)
3. Company direct (no networking contact, no known search, no posted position, direct to the CEO)
4. Visible markets (things you can see–the Internet, employment advertising, etc.)

Network, network, network, then reply to postings on the Internet. Sound familiar? Eventually, you’ll find a new position. If it takes longer than you wanted (or maybe the strategy isn’t working at all), the reasons are clear–You didn’t network hard enough or effectively, there was something wrong with your resume, or you didn’t answer enough Internet postings.

Sorry–Wrong church, wrong pew. Wrong planet, maybe. There’s a better way. A much better way.

I can’t help you get to heaven, but I can help you find a new position a lot faster than networking and answering postings. Thousands of executives have listened to me and I have individually coached several hundred find their new positions–by using all four channels, instead of two. How did they do? 73% of my senior executive clients found their positions through Channels 2&3. That leaves 27% of the new jobs coming from networking and postings. Gretzky said “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.” By skipping mailings to headhunters and CEOs, you are ignoring almost three quarters of the market.

This website is about using Channels 2 and 3, along with Channels 1 and 4. How to do it. Why to do it. Mistakes other people make and how to avoid them. All the resources you need to create a World-Class senior executive job campaign. And, how to capture that job you want and deserve in less time than listening to the feeble and ineffective network-until-you drop/answer more postings advice all around you.

Please listen to my free audio seminar, take plenty of notes, save your questions, and call me.

Don’t listen to the nay-sayers and get busy.