Fully Coached, Turnkey Job Campaigns

I began coaching senior executives with their job campaigns in 1983. Several of my business school classmates asked me to assist them in “trading up.” (I was a member of the University of Chicago’s MBA “Executive Program.” The UofC invented the executive MBA program. The first group –– “XP1” was 1943-1945. I was a member of XP50).
There were only two Corporate Strategy “A’s” in my class and Ken got one of them (thank you Dr. Ed Wrapp; Google him for fun –– famous UofC/Harvard professor). So with Cole, you get the job hunting strategy guy.

(I once described my approach to senior executive job hunting strategy this way – “While there’s a mob at the front door with torches and pitchforks, I’ll get you in the side or back door.” Joan overheard this and laughed. “Cole, you don’t use the side door or back door – You show executives how to slip in the dog door!” I’ll take it.
My first efforts at this were pretty weak (better than outplacement crap, for sure), but I’ve had nearly thirty years of practice, getting much, much better at it – several hundred senior executives (average compensation since 2004, $460, 459, excluding a couple of $million+ deals that I didn’t count because they skewed the average) – have come ahead of you to tweak the strategy.

Think about it like this – “The Colonel” has a tough demolition mission: Blow up the enemy power plant, twenty miles behind the lines. He picks his best Special Operations lieutenant, trains him, equips him, and sends him on his way. The lieutenant never returns and the power plant isn’t destroyed. This causes “The Colonel” to rethink the training and the equipment. The next lieutenant makes it back – bleeding, with broken bones, and the power plant was disabled, not destroyed – but we’ve made progress.

Important progress.
“The Colonel” asks the lieutenant –
“What training was useful?”
“What training wasn’t useful?”
“What training did you need that you didn’t get?”

Same for equipment, communications, air support, and so forth.

Several hundred missions later, we are winning most of those battles. You are in a war, too, whether you have realized it yet. Networking is only part of the answer –– As I’ve said several other places on this website, “how’s that networking thing working for you, anyway?”

I hear versions of this all the time –– “Ken, I did the networking; it didn’t work.”

Want something more? About three quarters (73%) of my clients (who all networked intensely) found their new positions through mailings to headhunters, CEOs, search researchers, and private equity firms through letters we mailed, not networking on the Internet. I wrote the letters, I coached them how to win more interviews, and I helped them negotiate their deals.

To investigate how my strategy will (might) work for you, you don’t have to dive into the deep end of the pool. Call me to discuss your situation. Next step (if you’re interested) is to sign up for the “Essential” package (click here for details) All my full clients start here. That consulting/resource package is designed as a full “self-help” plan –– The “takeaway” for you is everything you need to apply my strategy on your own.

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