Executive Search Research Assistants

Senior Executive Job Hunters

(For more information on freelance executive research assistants and how to contact them to your advantage in your job campaign, see the longer article in Ken’s Greatest Hits)

“Outsourcing” is alive and well in the retainer executive search community – There is a thriving group of freelance search research assistants who locate and screen senior executive candidates as subcontractors to “stealthy” solo retainer recruiters (many of whom started with and split from major retainer search firms), small search firms, and corporations with executive recruiters on staff.

These freelance researchers – out of sight of most executives – receive much less mail than retainer search firms.  Where the retainer firm receives a bag of mail every day, she (no sexism here; 95% are female) receives only a handful per week, so you have much less competition for her attention.  Researchers also concentrate on the most senior positions – C-level, general management, senior staff.

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