Executive Search Firms by Industry and Functional Expertise Arranged Geographically (where applicable)

Senior Executive Job Hunters

“Willie, why do you rob banks?”
Willie Sutton answered, “That’s where the money is.”

Forty percent (40%) of my senior executive clients attribute the positions I helped them find to letters they sent to executive search firms. Search firms control many interesting senior executive positions. If they are not contacting you, you must contact them. Does this really work? See the first sentence.

There are plenty of headhunters out there:  Lots of free pass-along lists, zillions of websites.  Why pay us for a list?  We’ve spent thirty plus (30+) years digging out the stealthy ones, determining areas of expertise, and maintaining the database.

You and I could start compiling a list of the offices of the major retainer search firms and would have a reasonably complete list of them by this time tomorrow. Here’s an important discovery I made many years ago:  The major retainer firms account for less than half of retainer search assignments, particularly assignments for mid-market companies, early-stage companies, and companies controlled by P.E. (private equity) investors.

I began building this search firm database in 1980 when I started The Recruiting & Search Report, a newsletter for search consultants (that’s where the “RSR” comes from). Stealthy search consultants are hard to find. How do I know that? They’ve been hard for us to find; we’ve been digging them out one-at-a-time for over thirty years and continue to sell resources to search consultants.

We take database maintenance very seriously – That’s probably why we have survived at this when so many others have come and gone. It’s tough enough to develop the database, but even tougher to maintain it. WE have a “secret weapon” –– a “bounty” system.

The RSR Bounty System

For a month from the date of your order, we will pay a “bounty” of $2 each for any letter you send to a headhunter in our database returned by the Post Office. Please return the entire envelope fronts (with P.O. notations) for the bounty. (No limit). I know of no other data publisher who does this. This strategy has enabled us to keep our database as “clean” as humanly possible, as we are perpetually  “scrubbing” the data. We write a lot of checks (particularly today, as the economy has driven many headhunters out of the business). If you miss the deadline, please send the returns anyway –– We will pay the $2 bounty for any “dead” headhunter we had not already discovered.


Ecommerce has allowed us to reduce the price and get the data to you instantly (Excel file ready for mail-merge – click HERE to download a sample list in Excel to see what a list looks like).

Up to 250 headhunter listings –– $50.
Up to 500 headhunter listings –– $100

(You might recall my “prescription” for a full Channel 2 mailing is 1500 headhunters. I stand by that recommendation, but please call me for some personal assistance with that quantity, if you are interested. We are limiting our ecommerce sales to 500 per person, in order to protect our database).

To order headhunter selections: Click HERE for categories/areas of expertise and to establish your “count.”