“Essential” Senior Executive Job Hunting Package

“Ken, you have convinced me. I want to add a mailing strategy to my job campaign.
I need your help, but I’m not ready for a full coaching program. How can you help me?”

I’m not going to turn you away. Yes, I can still help you. A lot. I’ve put together a “self-help” program that includes many of the resources I provide my full-program individual clients. This “essential” package includes everything you need to execute a full mailing strategy. “Do-it-yourself.” (Note: These are strategies and resources not available from outplacement firms. Sorry; get them from me).

There’s a lot included. At $1,000, it’s not cheap, but (if you could assemble all these resources yourself; it’s doubtful you could do that) it’s conservatively worth over $2,700.

This is my best deal for senior executive job hunters (Please see pricing page for detail. (need link to Ken Cole’s “Essential” Senior Executive Job Hunting Package page)

All my full program individual clients start with this aggressive coaching/resource program. Consider it a “date” before marriage. If we decide (this is a joint decision – I pick my clients carefully) a full program is right for you, I’ll deduct the $1,000 from my full program fee.

Full Website Membership $250
D&B Data $0.27/lead x 3500 $945

  • Example: 2500 regular CEOs
  • 500 financially-stressed CEOs
  • 500 early stage company CEOs
  • Excel format mail-merge ready)

Headhunter Data Up to 1500 firms (non-members limited to 500 firms) $300

Search Researcher Data eBook edition of The Executive Search Research Directory Excel format mail-merge ready $125

Hour of Individual 

Consulting $250

  • Critique of current/past/planned activity
  • Four-channel personal plan/prescription
  • Full resource review. Deep dive demo on Dun & Bradstreet’s
  • Zapdata website

Practice Executive Search

Interview $50

Letter edit/critique $500

  • Off-line followup
  • (as many exchanges as are necessary until both are happy with the final product)

D&B Reports $375

  • For due diligence/interview preparation
  • 3 @ $119 each


This is too expensive and complicated for e-commerce (no “BUY NOW” button for the “Essential” package), so please call me (850-235-3733) or email kennethjcole@aol.com to discuss.