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Thank you for visiting the website. Before reading any more, please click here About Us for Cole’s Bio so you’ll have an understanding of my background and perspective.

There are several ways I might be able to assist you. These are not prioritized. Please click on the areas of interest for full (longer descriptions) ––

The Executive Search Research Directory. I am the national authority on freelance executive search research assistants, publishing the definitive directory since 1985. If you have an executive search research consultant on your staff, you might be able to handle many searches in-house, at retainer search firm quality, at considerable savings to your company. This is also a highly useful resource for departing senior executives. Ecommerce enabled.

Executive Search Firms by expertise, arranged geographically. We have the most extensive database of “stealthy” search consultants (many with major retainer firm experience). Use this data to investigate/select search firms for special or unusual requirements. Also useful for departing managers, individual contributors, senior staff, and executives conducting job campaigns who want to make the “stealthy” search consultants aware of their availability. Ecommerce enabled for Excel spreadsheet downloads (mail-merge).

“Essential” Resource Package for departing executives. “Self-help” resources for job hunting senior executives, many of which are not available from outplacement firms at any price. (Prerequisite for my full coaching services).

Corporate-sponsored Senior Executive Job Hunting Coaching (“turnkey” programs). Alternative to outplacement; I am a marketing expert and senior executive coach, not an outplacement consultant. My services are appropriate for the most senior executives (typically C-level). The average compensation of my individual clients since 2004 is $460 thousand + (base plus incentive at budget of campaigns successfully completed). I have been named the #1 senior executive job hunting coach in the country by multiple senior executive groups.

Retainer executive search. My expertise is competitive with/comparable to the major retainer search firms. I prefer senior executive assignments where the highest level of confidentiality is required –– sensitive assignments, replacement of an incumbent, “re-start” of failed searches, and similar.
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